Blink and miss the action.

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Wrapped in a fulsome fold

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Me, myself, and I — This is who I am

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Into mysteries we both crave

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The moon melts into butter.

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Marked indelibly.

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In our hearts, he still resides.


Attached to intuition buttoned to emotion
A feeling sweeping over us of love and pure devotion
Sometimes his presence appears and brings tears to our eyes
An embodiment of his anima in another image or disguise.

Sometimes he’s the wind or stars floating in the night sky
He hasn’t ever left us and remains in our mind's eye
He’s still there when we call him, he is always by our sides
And though sometimes we can’t see him in our hearts, he still resides.

From another place to a region seen only in our dreams
Back to the times, we were together or that’s the way it seems
When we traveled in the ether on an elemental star
Beyond the blue horizon to places near and far.

We were the three amigos bonded by love and loyalty
The rhythm of our lives rhymed in liquid poetry
Inseparable and happy all for one and one for all
United we always stood as divided we would fall.

Even though he’s gone to a place where pain does not exist
He still is here beside us and at other times is missed
Our tears fall like raindrops as we see him anywhere
And we feel his presence constantly here there and everywhere.

In the garden on the veranda or rolling on the grass
Up at the gate to meet us or mirrored in the glass
Of the rear-view mirror when we traveled way out west
To our cabin in the mountains to experience the best.

He loved to be in the back of the car and when we were underway
His head would bob up and tell us and this is what he’d say
Westwards to the cabin turn right down to the coast
He’d give us both directions from his observation post.

He’s still our guiding light and shows us where we want to go
He still travels here beside us whether we journey high or low
Across the great divide down to the Abercrombie creek
Or on the beach where he runs free and shows off his sleek physique.


David Rudder
9th April 2013

Thanks for reading.


Photo by author.

Photo thanks to Grindle Rudder.

In diaphanous moments.

Photo by author.

Can you see right through me?
Are my motives made of glass?
Can you read thoughts inside me?
Or will you let it pass?

If you’re looking for translucency
Look deep within my eyes
The truth is written plain to see
You’ll see through my disguise.

The fathoms of understanding
Are etched upon the lens
Of the camera in your mind
And words your thinking pens.

In diaphanous moments
Thoughts spill onto the ground
Then are re-arranged and sorted
Some lost and others found.

It’s crystal clear and plain to see
And easily discerned
Undisguised out in the open
And as far as you’re concerned.

What you see is what you get
My mind’s an open book
I’m totally transparent
If you doubt me take a look.

I’m on the surface of the shining lake
And transparent as blue water
And deep within my discipline
I reveal what I ought to.

On opaque and cloudy mornings
The mists soon burnt away
By the rays of the rising sun
Greeting a clear new day.


David Rudder
20th September 2021

Thanks for reading.

David Rudder

Top writer in Poetry. I am a diarist and write poetry to reflect my thoughts.

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