Sacks full of daydreams

Photo by Tim Cooper on Unsplash

Down the back
In my secret garden
Where plants grow
Unseen by the sun
They flower
Then all
Of a sudden
Out of them
The nectar
Will run.

It’s collected
In wee
Small goblets
By faeries
With wings
On fire,
Then little gnomes
Trudge out of
The forest
Onward they march
Never to tire.

I’ve watched them
The Flowers
Where new blooms
Magically appear
And out of
The petals
Make dresses
Then dance hide
And then

The gnomes
Carry sacks full
Of daydreams
And cast
Them into the air
The Queen faerie gathers
In baskets
Without a whim
Or a care…

A prescience unseen

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

A shadow passed by my window
Was it the total eclipse of the moon
A prescience unseen in Shinto
Or magical message in a Rune.

Was it the shadow of destiny
A presage and omen half hidden
Or a gift unseen sent to me
Of fruit that’s now forbidden.

Cool zephyrs joined the shadow
Soft as a feather on my face
Dew on the grass in a meadow
Whims and thoughts that interlace.

Drifting on a mysterious dream
Shadow’s turning mauve like heather
Collected and floating away downstream
A changing in the weather.

The eclipse fades and passes
New light brightens…

Your beauty is masked by the nighttime.

Photo by Abdul Gani M on Unsplash

No edges or defences surround us
The guests left, without a murmur or remark
You and I are left alone in this nighttime
As we drift around, dancing in the dark.

We drank cups of close encounters
The band's melodies lingered and left their mark
Midnight has come and disappeared
And left us, dancing in the dark.

Your beauty is masked by the nighttime
I can’t see but am blinded by the spark
Of your presence as you glide softly with me
Across the open seas expanse, floor in the dark.

It feels like a moment of madness
A walk in…

Left for another day.

Photo by Avery Meeker on Unsplash

We covered all the subjects
Our minds could conjure up
And talked twenty to the dozen
And drank from the loving cup.

We paused to eat our supper
And chattered between bites
About former relations
Our likes and human rights.

There was plenty we agreed on
And next to no discord
We touched each other tentatively
And were never bored.

And though it went on swimmingly
What we kept in reserve
Were words for another time
Maybe our just deserve.

We talked of other’s follies
But were they really ours
We could have talked forever
As minutes turned to hours.

In a language I understand

Photo by author.

She talks outside my window
And filters through the trees
In a language that I understand
The language of the breeze.

In the morn before the dawn
She whispers o’er the Bay
And moves the soft leaves waving
And heralds a new day.

I watch her from my vantage point
As she sweeps the clouds away
And lifts two eagles soaring
High above the ocean spray.

All the time she whispers
A song born in the nether
She travels o’er the land and sea
And through the purple heather.

She is the sailor’s companion
And respite from the summer heat
For a…

David Rudder

I enjoy exploring my mind by being a diarist and writing a daily poem to reflect my thoughts…

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