Traced by the mirror of the night

Photo by Justin Aikin on Unsplash

Sometimes I float like a boat
Drifting on currents in the ocean
The sea and sky leave me high
And move in moments of slow motion.

Winged clouds float on the far horizon
Forming backdrops for the perfect storm
In soliloquy my mind’s liberated
As I stay both safe and warm.

The different changes in the weather
Form each and every backdrop of my mood
Every heartache and short trip to heaven
Places where I reminisce and brood.

In the evening night drops her broken blanket The stars bloom in sequins of surprise Backdropped by the delicate finger Of a…

The day breathes her last sigh

Photo by Steady Hand Co. on Unsplash

The silver scythe of the moon
hangs in the autumn sky
the trees stand up in silhouette
the day breathes her last sigh.

Then the dusk with her brush
paints hues on the horizon
blushing pink and in a wink
the nighttime is arriving.

I’m lost for words and the birds
have disappeared from sight
consumed by dark blue shadows
the halos of the night.

Inside my mind I search to find
feelings that fall like snow
chilled by autumns autographs
tied neatly in a bow.

The haunting quiet of the night turns daydreams into dark piercing pervading paradigms the…

Into mysteries we both crave

Photo by Kourosh-Gaffari-Unsplash

Your eyes are pools I’ve gazed into,
your smile as warm as sunshine,
I’ve walked the track where you have been,
in different moods and fun time.

Mirrors of light shades of dark,
sparks of recognition,
kindle knowledge yet untold,
life put on full ignition.

Deep souls stir and come alive,
thoughts rustle and wave,
click the switch to overdrive,
into mysteries we both crave.

Pure delight colours the day,
along dusty tracks untrodden,
words unused, what will they say,
of times almost forgotten.

The affinity melds kindred souls, clouds kissed with richer colour, succulence fills up our bowls, unlike…

A poem of hereditary


Tide and time perform a mime,
as waves splash on the shore,
covering up the footprints,
of those that came before.

In the morn the pristine beach,
is left smooth and glistening,
the murmurs of the ocean winds,
and shore fringes are listening.

To voices from another time,
passed down through generations,
some stories blown on the breeze,
communicated in vibrations.

I hear your voice from long ago,
synchronicity and sixth sense,
gather fragments of information,
in past and future tense.

The footsteps that you left behind, mark places where you walked, and now the whispers in the trees, are…

Changing seasons

Photo by Cecile Hournau on Unsplash

In leafy glades the summer shades
turn from green to gold
the river mist has been kissed
by the first autumn cold.

Curtains are drawn earlier
evening comes so soon
stars sparkle clear as diamonds
and make rings round the moon.

An extra layer on my bed
and much later sunrise
muted colours in the garden
and beautiful butterflies.

A feeling of contentment
and enjoyable quietude
an open fire a book to read
a peaceful interlude.

I quietly draw the curtains
and bunk down for the night
the outside sounds are muted
and nighttime out of sight.

Far out in…

In a time they called the silly season

Photo by on Unsplash

I think I may have impetuosity
But don’t know what it really means
Each time I do something quickly
It’s usually followed by screams.

I saw a horticulturist about it
He said he didn’t have a clue
Unless I was referring to a beanstalk
One time he said that he grew.

He said it had a mind of its own
And defied all rhyme and reason
And grew past the clouds into the sky
In a time, they called the silly season.

I listened carefully to his tale And his son Jack who climbed the stalk When he came down…

I float in a world of fancy

Photo by Raimond Klavins on Unsplash

Out of the night on wings of flight
I fly away in my dreams
Where nothing is ever the same
In a world above the jet streams.

I float in a world of fancy
Carried away on a wing and a prayer
My mind’s captivated by notions
On the steps up heaven’s stair.

I drift miles over the ocean
And view the world from my domain
And feel the light and darkness
As the sun and moon wax and wane.

I’m perched on top of a mountain Embedded in ice and snow Then sliding down into green pastures There’s no…

Coursing through the veins.

Photo by Nicholas Teoh on Unsplash

A new way of knowing Nothing can be certain Keeps the blood a flowing Drawing back the curtain Unpredictable changing Winds and currents move Constantly interchanging Nothing left to prove. Layers upon each other Burying the past Trying hard to smother What we wish won’t last Making small adjustments Going with the flow Treasuring rare moments Enhancing what we know. Releasing animation Creativity as well Feeling a sensation Reliving what we smell Is it evocation A thought hard to accept Or an open invitation To release what we’ve kept. Creativity flowing Coursing through our veins A different way of knowing…

Wild rivers allowed to run

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

Vapors turned to mist Lips rarely kissed And daydreams Lost in a second Invisible gases Midnight pashes And moments two lovers Have missed. Mist before the eyes Plaintiff yearning sighs Longing for love That’s requited Letting off steam Is part of the dream Truth intermingled With lies. Dewdrops burnt by the sun Wild rivers allowed to run An exquisite And wondrous day The sky is ablaze In a vaporous haze Rejoined again Now that we are one. Steaming along The rails sing a song We’re traveling Along life’s new track Where we’ll go Neither of us knows But realize that…

David Rudder

I enjoy exploring my mind by being a diarist and writing a daily poem to reflect my thoughts…

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