A poem about my time in the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland

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Photo by Ard T on Unsplash

Cool echoes seep across the brae
creeping o’er into the nether
the pipes auld and ancient play
haunting sounds in purple heather.

Cairns crop against the skyline
dusted by fresh fallen snow
gray skies cast an ominous sign
the hooded sun’s faintly aglow.

Mountain mists swirl o’er the hills
and mask the tracks like wraiths
the air is damp and deep with chills
testing strong and stalwart faiths.

Purple heathers move and dance
moved by slow and misty winds
mystical myths viewed askance
ancient times the wind rescinds.

The memory of Cairngorm Mountain is etched into unconscious being memories flooding…

Long southern slog

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Photo source

The isobars are crowded
Electricity in the air
Cold fronts are advancing
Storms creep from their lair.

Atoms and electrons
In metamorphic change
Appear above far off hills
Along the lightening range.

The drover tilts his hat
Peering through screwed up eyes
Sniffs the change in the wind
And heeds birds screeching calls.

A quick tug on the reins
Then the thunderous response
Galloping yon for cover
With practiced nonchalance.

The herds of skittish cattle
Are corralled in the lee
Of a sheltered rocky outcrop
Near the marked gum tree.

The drover’s dog cowers beside Shivering from rolls of thunder…

Love too hard to rescind.

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Photo by Dimitar Donovski on Unsplash

I’ve been around some good times
And also seen some bad
Without one or the other
Some glad and others sad.

I’d never know the difference
Explain or could discern
How polarity brings clarity
And the meaning of concern.

This feeling that is peeling
Has blown in on this mornings bitter wind
It’s cold and pursues desperate feelings
Love too hard to rescind.

The chill in the wind is bitter bones
An expanse of little chance
My brain burns in agitation
Awhirl in a dangerous dance.

The distance seen between my dreams As strings vibrate and sing Arrangements fly out…

He’s been seen in the movies

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Photo by Craig Whitehead on Unsplash

He’s been seen in the movies
A novel or paperback
The private eye, who will try
To find out and track.

Someone who owes you money
Or is sleeping with your wife
And for a hefty wage will
Reorganize your life.

In a moth-eaten double-breasted suit
An egg-stained waistcoat and tie
A swaggering gait and always late
A fedora pulled down over one eye.

He’s most often rough and unshaven
And his breath could light a fire
He’s probably spent time on the turps
And truth known is a liar.

In the United States, he’s a gumshoe A sleuth snoop…

From green to red then gold

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Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

Shades of different seasons
From green to red then gold
Reflecting locked mind caissons
Holding secrets never told.

Autumn turns to winter
Dark nights and hazy days
In death the senses splinter
And separate and craze.

The sun a dying ember
Pale light and pastel shades
Thoughts we can’t remember
In impenetrable palisades.

New light seeps in the window
Days lengthen and expand
New seeds ready to sow
Upon the fallow land.

Spring and thermal fusion
And changing of the seasons
Lessen the confusion
For indefinable reasons.

Summer heat and sudden storms Lightening forks and strikes Images in different forms…

A fixer and elixir

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Photo by Juan Encalada on Unsplash

The sweet smile of a baby
Moments of pure bliss
Laughter that lights my life
Sweeter than a kiss.

A fixer and elixir
The one that cures all
It surely works for me
And keeps me on the ball.

The universal remedy
Guaranteed to heal all ills
And gets the body going
Without the use of pills.

It is the panacea
The one we’ve had since birth
And is the magic bullet
The name of it is mirth.

Laugh till the sides hurt
Then try a second round
Guaranteed to heal you
And keep you safe and sound.

It can…

Imprinted on my mind

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Photo by Rayyu Maldives photographer on Unsplash

I can’t erase the memory
However hard I try
Early pages of life alight
In the mere blink of an eye.

Pages then turn to chapters
And periods of time
With longer interludes
And steeper curves to climb.

Then come the episodes
Imprinted on my mind
Some beautiful some sad
Hard to leave behind.

Phases take on aspects
Abstract shapes and form
Happiness and heartache
Change appearance and transform.

Some phases ease in gradually
Then wind down when they’re done
Only staying for a short time
Then up and on the run.

I saw a shadow passing Behind the opaque…

Beautiful sonnet, photo and reminisces and thoughts of our upcoming winter and chilly winds!

One more encore

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Photo by Sam Moqadam on Unsplash

Noise is everywhere
And if not, we make some more
It seems few can live without it
As in thrall we call, for one more encore.

How many could survive
If we turned off the amplification
And sat quietly contemplating nothing
With complete silence and dedication.

I love to hear the voices
Of my friends and kin and others
Engaged in meaningful conversation
The way of bonding with my sisters and brothers.

Though noise can be an addiction
In need, a fix when feeling lonely
Then there’s moments left alone
When I’m the one and only.

To counter the humming…

David Rudder

I enjoy exploring my mind by being a diarist and writing a daily poem to reflect my thoughts…

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