Into mysteries we both crave

Your eyes are pools I’ve gazed into,
your smile as warm as sunshine,
I’ve walked the track where you have been,
in different moods and fun time.

Mirrors of light shades of dark,
sparks of recognition,
kindle knowledge yet untold,
life put on full ignition.

Deep souls stir and come…


Heavens above oceans below
Safe havens hard places to find
Thoughts rushing past my brainwaves
I need shelter from the daily grind.

Harbor lights beckon each evening
A refuge for sailors at sea
There’s a bed too where I can lay
A sanctum set safe in the lee.

Out past…

A momentary reflection.

Is it a change in the weather?
Or something that you said
Or a passing and fleeting thought
That now’s taken flight and fled.

The memory still lingers
A fleeting evanescent recollection
Filed away for future reference
A momentary reflection.

Abstract information
Printed on my mind
Easy to absorb
Hard to leave behind…

Who made up the laws?

Are there any questions
It’s odds the answer lies
In percentages and averages
The truth often belies.

It’s poisoned by the power
Afflicted by avarice
Survival is the lottery
Based on hit or miss.

Meanwhile, my mind meanders
Compliance is the creed
Kowtowing to the swords of lords
Starved by others' greed…

David Rudder

Top writer in Poetry. I am a diarist and write poetry to reflect my thoughts.

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