Diaphanous Dreams

Interlaced dew drops- Source

Seeing through the smokescreen,
There is another side,
A completely different scene,
Where we don’t have to hide.

In the haze of early days,
The isolation screams,
Everything is different,
Or that is how it seems.

Hanging like a veil,
The diaphanous dreams,
Emerge out of the night-time,
Bursting at the seams.

Beyond the blue horizon,
Seen like a distant glow,
Looking out my window,
Shines a bright rainbow.

I’ve been told the pot of gold,
Is on the other side,
A place of new beginnings,
Where we can reside.

As we arrange imminent change,
And test the recipe,
There’ll come a time we’ll rearrange,
New ways to feel free.

Embracing a new order,
Ways and innovations,
Tides of true transparency,
Spread across the nations.

Transparent and translucent,
Diaphanous dreams,
A different way of doing things,
Seeing through the screens.


David Rudder
7th April 2020

Thanks for reading.



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