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  • Hemanth Raju

    Hemanth Raju

    Love to learn, explore and write articles on trending technologies.

  • Holly Rollo

    Holly Rollo

    SailingAWEN.com, host of Covert Castaway Podcast, blogger, nautical digital nomad, CEO of Surge Strategies, a GTM consulting firm for clients in high tech.

  • Lucas Dodd

    Lucas Dodd

    Thinker, writer, lover of nature, aerospace engineer / Mirroring the mirror

  • Neera Handa

    Neera Handa

    a compulsive writer, teacher, learner, I enjoy reading & writing just about anything. I write daily & have published academic articles, a book, & a few poems.

  • RonNa!


    I like to write: poetry, prose, plays.

  • Jake Hilden

    Jake Hilden

    Coach, writer, 3P practitioner, former cop, and a highly sensitive guy sharing my thoughts on being human. I’m on a mission to improve humanity.

  • Jacob Jose

    Jacob Jose

    Strategy Analyst in search of Actionable Social and Economic Insights.

  • Anthony Lam

    Anthony Lam

    Just a guy who wants to share his thoughts and knowledge.

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