To serve to strive and not to yield

David Rudder


Photo by Dmytro Tolokonov on Unsplash

I’m shaped by the cape of experience
and moulded by many mistakes
as down the road of life I went
each step is all it takes.

Each step I took encompassed a book
a page paragraph and chapter
feelings evolved from what I’d been told
a mere smear of what was to matter.

Bombarded by my instincts
I tripped and often fell
the nest of largesse that lingered
too convoluted to tell.

Then in the groove with plenty to prove
to a place beyond belief
to serve to strive and not to yield
a soldier with little relief.

The poison the pain and the purging
blue skies that turned to rain
the loss and the cost of battle
near driving me insane.

The shame in the game of living
the loss of those who will never know
the fog that robbed my memory
the long journey back from below.

The readings in the meaning
and yet we are the same
ups downs and desolation
from the whether wherever we came.

To the place we’re going
each step along the way
is shaped by the cape of being
each and every day.


David Rudder
25th October 2020

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David Rudder

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