I find the time is now sublime

David Rudder
1 min readApr 21, 2020


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I find the time is now sublime,
devoid of all distractions,
I enjoy this time that’s mine,
without the interactions.

I like the length and latitude,
more time to clear my mind,
to spread the news and air my views,
and leave the rest behind.

I drift into my time-machine,
each minute every day,
spending time that I enjoy,
in every little way.

Pursuing latent pastime’s,
sorting the wheat from the chaff,
watching myself ambling,
re-learning how to laugh.

At the way my mind works,
then welding it together,
watching clouds fly on by,
more aware of the weather.

And when I slow and cease to move,
and float away at night,
dreams dip in deep waters,
much to my delight.

There’s love and liberation,
time spent here alone,
in cool creative sidelines,
so close to the bone.

Time to do things differently,
moments to reminisce,
these times of solitude,
to me are pure bliss.


David Rudder
22nd April 2020

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